Ogontz Steam Traps

Effective steam traps results in effective energy management.

Southwest Process Control proudly supplies Ogontz Steam Traps. Products we carry include the CTV Trap the TD Thermodynamic Disc Trap and the OPT Pinch Trap– a steam trap to meet every application.

CTV Trap

The CTV steam trap is perfect for lighter loads. It’s liquid seal allows for additional savings by allowing use of the heat found in high-temperature condensate.

The CTV steam trap:

  • Is available in ½” NPT
  • Standard temperature control points are 60°, 100°, 120°, 180° or 240°F

TD Thermodynamic Disc Trap

The TD Thermodynamic Disc Trap is designed to reduce live steam loss with capacities of over 2,900 lbs. per hour.

The TD Thermodynamic Disc Trap:

  • Is all stainless steel
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Discharges at steam temperature

OPT Pinch Trap

The OPT Pinch Trap’s claim to fame is its ability to handle dirt and light load capacities. It is self draining, automatically air vented and works successfully for a variety of applications.

The OPT Pinch Trap:

  • Has no metal to metal seating or moving parts
  • Is back pressure insensitive
  • Allows minimal live steam loss
  • Installs in any position
  • Has automatic air venting

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