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Southwest Process controls offers innovative products for complex fluid system control solutions. As a supplier of Stauff Products, we carry a full line of tubing and pipe clamps, as well as filters, flanges, valves, test kits, accumulators, and other Stauff Products.

Our clamps support any type of pipe layout, providing a quick and simple way to reduce excessive vibration and noise. We carry the full line of Stauff clamps, supported by prompt delivery, knowledgeable service, and low prices. From our Standard, Heavy, and Twin series to Hi-Clean stainless steel line, we can provide the solution that fits your requirements. Our clamps support industrial hydraulics, offshore construction, general industrial piping, mining, pneumatics, and nuclear reactor installations. Our team provides extensive product knowledge and supportive customer service, making us a key supplier for industries ranging from food processing to semiconductor manufacturing.

Stauff Products
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