Pressure & Level

Providing next generation fluid system control products to customers in the southwest, Southwest Process Controls offers an innovative line of pressure & level measurement solutions. We’ve partnered with NoShok to provide an extensive inventory of dial and digital indicating, differential, and sanitary pressure gauges. Our 100 through 900 Series dial indicating pressure gauges come in standard, low pressure diaphragm, brass case liquid filled, stainless steel, process, and ABS construction. Our 1000 Series digital and differential gauges are perfect for hydraulics, pneumatics, machine construction, and equipment monitoring. This includes piston, diaphragm, and membrane type designs for high or nominal static pressure reading. We also sell sanitary pressure gauges for food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications. These are sold in fractional, heavy-duty, and homogenizer configurations. Designed for performance and long service life, our indicators are made from ABS, electro-polished stainless steel, steel, chrome, and durable polycarbonate lens faces. By focusing on quality product lines, maintaining a large inventory, and providing extensive product knowledge, we strive to be a single source provider for all of our customer’s fluid control needs.

NoShok Digital Pressure Switch
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