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From industrial processing to semiconductor manufacturing, Southwest Process Controls provides innovative fluid handling products to customers nationwide. For the highest quality pre-insulated tubing and pipe, we’ve partnered with Dekoron® Unitherm. Their piping and tubing has been deployed in some of the harshest environments known to man. We carry a full inventory of Dekoron® Unitherm tubing and piping in ½” to 2 ½” sizes. Made from a variety of materials ranging from plastic to titanium, we combine conventional fiberglass insulation with proprietary aerogel materials for increased thermal efficiency, smaller OD’s, and corrosion resistance. Our 6200 Pre-Insulated pipe requires 45% less space than traditional field applied jacketing, enabling reduced load and lower overall costs. The 6200-CH Electrically Heat Traced pipe series combines pipe, tracer channel, insulation, and an extruded jacket in one easy to install system. We also sell 6200-BPE Food Grade piping, featuring higher thermal efficiency for food and beverage processing. With our 6200-BPE Pharmaceutical Grade products, an extruded jacket and leak tight covers ensure optimal performance. Using a unique manufacturing process, we stock the 6200 Cryo-Tube line with flexible PVC jacket and hydrophobic insulation material to ensure no bacteria or contaminates accumulate. From food processing to pharmaceutical production, our line of Dekoron® Unitherm piping are tested and verified by both end users and third party companies.

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