Pipe Fittings

At Southwest Control Products, in addition to tube fittings we supply many other types of fittings such as pipe fittings, 37ºJIC, JIS Bite type, Weld, ZCO o-ring face seal, ZCR gasket seal, and ZCR type tube fittings. To provide our customers with the highest quality fittings for fluid control applications, we’re proud to offer products by Hy-Lok.

The Hy-Lok pipe fittings are instrument grade and ideal for applications where the connection will be taken apart and put back together. The threads are rolled rather than cut for increased strength and numerous remakes.

Our JIS bite type tube fittings are perfect for medium to heavy wall tubing and feature a sharpened ferrule that “bites” the tube when compressed, ensuring leak-free performance. Available in 1/8" to 2" sizes, our JIS fittings are available in carbon steel, brass, and stainless steel. We also sell Hy-Lok’s weld fittings for ultra-high purity applications. Ranging between 1/8" and 1" OD, they are electro-polished and specially packed for Class 10 environments.

The ZCO line of fittings uses an elastomer seal and is great for applications requiring many remakes of the fitting. Our line of ZCR fittings are ideal for the semiconductor industry, featuring two sealing beads compressing a metal gasket to maximize leak prevention. ZCR face seal fittings can be surface finished to Ra .25 µm, ensuring no leaks when installed in high vacuum or positive pressure applications. Offered in 1/4" to 1” sizes, ZCR fittings are made from your choice of 316, 316L, 316L VOD, or 316L VIM stainless steel. All of our Hy-Lok tube fittings are extensively tested and approved by end users and third parties.

Hy-Lok also offers conversion fittings, such as a “stinger” fitting to convert from 1/4" tubing to a Rosemount or Honeywell transmitter.

Pipe Fittings
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