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As one of the largest Texas distributors for fluid system control products, at Southwest Process Controls we focus on established brands for high quality gauges, needle valves, and manifolds for any application. That’s why we partner with NOSHOK, a recognized pioneer in precision measurement solutions for fluid system control. NOSHOK’s line of Series 100 to 1300 pressure gauges are offered in dial indicating, digital, and differential formats and available in a number of configurations. NOSHOK Needle Valves are offered in Mini, Multiport, Standard, Block & Bleed, Bleed, 2-Valve Block & Bleed, and 3-Valve Double Block & Bleed designs. Finally, NOSHOK Manifold valves combine isolation and ventilation in a single valve configuration, thus eliminating the need for any additional tubing or fittings. NOSHOK product lines are continuously expanding, supported by industry-leading warranties, and responsive customer support. Since 1967, NOSHOK pioneered liquid filled pressure gauges and continues to move forward in the industry with leading edge fluid control innovations.

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