Neon Controls

Southwest Process Controls is the stocking distributor for Texas for Neon Controls Regulators. Our Neon Controls Regulators offer precise control and measurement for high pressure fluid instruments. We offer line, cylinder, and semi-automatic cross-over manifold regulators.

Neon Controls Series 10 and 15 regulators offer single stage, lightweight, pressure reducing performance for flammable and industrial gasses or liquids. The Series 12 regulators are used for both gas or liquid applications and offer a sensing diaphragm for throttling action. The Neon Controls Series 44 design includes a semi-automatic changeover to ensure uninterrupted gas flow. Finally, the Series 85 and 87 regulators can be used for point-of-use gas systems involving process analyzer gases, metal fabrication, petrochemical, specialty industrial gas cylinders, and other applications that require high purity gas flow.

We are proud to offer Neon Controls regulators for a variety of industries, most notably for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, and Pharmaceutical arenas. For more information on our entire line of Neon Controls regulators, please contact us.

Neon Controls
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