Ogontz Fluid Sensing Valves

Southwestern Process Control carries Ogontz fluid sensing valves with many specialty sensing features.

From freeze protection to anti-scald functionality, Ogontz fluid sensing valves offer a self-contained temperature system to respond to the slightest temperature changes. Southwestern Process Control stocks the following three different series of valves:

F Series Freeze Protection Valves

Ogontz F Series Freeze Protection Valves offer economical protection from freeze damage. Containing a thermal actuator, the valve automatically opens before fluid reaches the freezing point providing intermittent protection and substantial savings in water and sewer costs.

Freeze protection of a condensate system, winterization of exposed overhead pipe, freeze and scald protection for an emergency shower, temperature control on a water-cooled air compressor

FP/FPR Valves

While very similar to the F Series Freeze Protection Valves, FP/FPR Valves also have a reverse-acting FPR Valve that is activated when temperatures exceed 100°F. The space-conscious design and freeze/scald protection makes this valve perfect for emergency showers or eyewash stations.

Heat exchangers, cooling towers, sample lines, sprinkler system

FR/FGR Valves

By automatically closing when fluid reaches a predetermined temperature, FR/FGR Valves are a cost-effective means for maintaining ideal operating temperatures for cooling media equipment. The reverse-acting design controls leakage for consistent and accurate temperature monitoring.

Compressor cooling water, heat exchangers, engine cooling water, cooling drums or rolls

Fluid Sensing Valves
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