Dekoron® Unitherm Electric Trace

At Southwest Process Controls, we provide our customers with expert knowledge in high quality fluid system control products so they can choose the best solution for their needs. To ensure consistent temperatures along tubing and pipe installations, we’ve partnered with Dekoron® Unitherm for electric, pre-insulated, and steam trace products. Our complete line of electric traced tubing provides both freeze protection and temperature maintenance. Offered in a variety of heating types, our trace tubes include self-regulating and temperature maintenance capabilities. We also sell pre-insulated & steam trace pipe between 1/8” to 2 ½” in diameter. These are made from copper, titanium, or other high strength alloys and polymers. Steam trace tubing bundles use saturated steam to maintain fluid temperature or viscosity in process lines. The outer jacket protects the tubing, allowing it to operate below 140 °F while transporting fluids up to 400 °F. All of our trace piping and tubing products use Dekoron® Unitherm’s patented aerogel insulation materials to provide greater thermal efficiency, smaller OD’s, and reduced stress. Providing the best quality pre-insulated heat trace tubing for multiple industries, our line of Dekoron® Unitherm products have been used worldwide since 1962.

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