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We distribute parts from companies at the top of their field at Southwest Process Controls, serving the Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma regions with products of enduring quality. Dekoron Unitherm has provided a complete range of pre-insulated and heat traced tubing since 1962. With over 100 million feet of tubing installed since their inception, they are well established as a world leader in this field.

Dekoron Unitherm’s pre-insulated and heat traced tubing has played a vital role in the oil and gas, food, power, and pharmaceutical industries. These tubing products are regularly employed in the harshest environments, including demanding petrochemical applications, coal-fired power plants, refineries, and off-shore platforms in cold weather regions. Their products are used for a wealth of applications, including process analysis, process transport piping systems, and steam & condensate delivery.

Our sales team can help you choose the perfect Dekoron Unitherm pre-insulated or heat traced tubing product for your application. For further information, please contact us directly.

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