Hy-Lok Check & Relief Valves

As a leading supplier of premium fluid control products throughout the United States, Southwest Process Controls is pleased to offer an extensive line of check and relief valves manufactured by Hy-Lok. Hy-Lok check valves offer a reliable way to control back flow in high and low pressure fluid systems. We offer our check valves in your choice of stainless steel, brass, alloy 400, and other materials with end connection options that include male/female NPT, tube fitting, metal gasket, and O-ring face seals.

Capable of handling pressures up to 10,000 psi at temperatures up to 600°F, we carry a full inventory of configurations to meet your applications. Our 700 series valves feature tight shut-off capabilities thanks to an integrated O-ring. With the 700H series, an O-ring poppet provides a replaceable high integrity seal. We also carry the RV series relief valves, featuring spring adjustable capability over the entire cracking pressure range. Our CVA adjustable line features a one piece body construction for a wide range of cracking pressures.

All Hy-Lok relief valves feature a compact body for tight space installations, external cracking pressure adjustments, and a lock wire design to maintain relief settings. Like all other Hy-Lok valves, every check and relief valve is tested before it leaves the factory.

Check & Relief Valves
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