How to Relieve the Pressure of Inventory Headaches

industrial_gaugeMaintaining peak operations for many industrial processes hinge on instrumentation. Because of this, many companies are forced to rely on difficult-to-find components.  This is especially true of instrumentation products such as pressure gauges.  While pressure gauges are very common and widely-used products across a number of industries, some models are more rarely-used than others.  Just like any other industry, the less commonly-used items tend to be the hardest to get ahold of quickly.  However, unlike many difficult-to-find products, pressure gauges are usually critical to operations and need to be acquired immediately in order to keep systems running smoothly.

Pressure gauges provide crucial functions for many types of processing systems.  Accurate, reliable, and easy-to-read gauges help prevent system failure in everyday operations.  These gauges are used to measure pressure from liquids, vapors, gases, and solid bodies.  When pressure gauges have to handle heavy or unpredictable levels, they can quickly wear out.  Failure can be very costly in terms of money, time, and loss-of-productivity.  This is why it is important for companies to have easy access to the gauges they need, and when they need them most.  While this concept is simple, creating easy access to rare or unusual gauges can create some unexpected challenges.

One of our customers used to regularly encounter the problem of needing difficult gauges delivered in a timely manner.  This client, a large original equipment manufacturer (OEM), needs a particular pressure gauge in order to run their operation successfully.  This gauge is not commonly carried by many suppliers, and when ordered, typically requires a long lead time.  To make matters more difficult, this customer experiences large swings in their production schedule.  The nature of their business makes it difficult to predict when they will need this pressure gauge.

This is where inventory control becomes very useful.  As a practitioner of Just in Time (JIT) strategies, we understand that maintaining the most efficient level of inventory can be difficult.   At Southwest Process controls, we employ JIT strategies in order to maximize efficiency and minimize waste when it comes to product supply.  We curtail unproductive practices, typically defined as overproduction, transportation, waiting, excessive inventory, inappropriate processing, unnecessary motion, and defects.  Our efficient inventory practices provided us a method to help our customer who needed ready access to this difficult gauge. 

We are a trusted distributor of gauges of all types.  Consulting thoroughly with this client, we understood that they needed a supplier that could deliver this specific gauge on very short notice.  Using our specialized inventory control methods, we make sure that we always have enough of these gauges to meet any production spike the client might experience.  Furthermore, we also ensure that these gauges are delivered within extremely tight lead times.  In this case, we usually turn around these products within two hours–not two weeks, not two days, but two hours.  Our customer can rest assured that they will get this gauge whenever they need it, covering any potential production spike they might experience. 

It’s our goal to meet our customers’ needs, including rush and emergency orders.  We provide some of the tightest turnaround times in the industry, and it’s our goal to ship 95% or more orders on the same day they are placed.  By keeping difficult-to-find products in stock when our clients need them, we help prevent production delays and help our costumers’ overall bottom line.  To learn more about our JIT inventory methods and the wide variety of fluid system control products we have available, please contact us.