Roseland Texas Showdown Oil and Gas Expo companies in the oil and gas industry, one of the great learning and networking opportunities is just around the corner.  Roseland’s Texas Showdown Oil and Gas Expo is occurring on August 13th and 14th  at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas.  Attendees will be able to escape the August heat while learning cutting edge information from some of the most important leaders in the industry.  Roseland’s Texas Showdown is not just a maze of booths, but an invaluable source of potential business partners and great minds who are moving the industry forward.

A whole slew of top quality exhibitors will be in attendance, many of whom are in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale.  A distinguished variety of speakers will be there as well.  Douglas Coleman, the Vice President of New Ventures at Prism Midstream, will speak addressing the resurgence of gas processing in the Permian Basin.  The role of technology in the field will be addressed by Atanu Basu, the CEO and president of AYATA, in his talk on proprietary big data prescriptive software for oil and gas.  Also covering similar ground will be Alex Warner, the founder and CEO of Pedigree Technologies in Fargo, North Dakota.  Mr. Warner will speak on how technology and automation are affecting overall energy operations.  The importance of the Texas oil and gas market will be explored by Bill Fairhurst, the Vice President of exploration at Eagle Oil & Gas in Dallas.

A number of important government representatives will be attending as well.  U.S. Congressman Roger Williams will be there, addressing the topic of railroad, pipelines, and hazardous materials.  Texas State Senator Dan Patrick and Texas Rail Road Commissioner David Porter will also be keynote speakers.  Ken Becker, the executive director for Sweetwater Economic Development, will be speaking as well.  These speakers cover just a few of the many top industry specialists and government officials who will be sharing their insight and wisdom.

No gathering of this size should be for business, only.  That’s why Roseland’s Texas Showdown will include important members of the sports industry and East Texas charities.  Members of the Texas Rangers will be in attendance, as well as representatives of the Dallas Cowboys.  A very special organization will be represented as well: Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.  Tiger Creek is the home of over 50 rescued big cats.  They provide rescue and rehabilitation to large felines that have been the victim of abuse, neglect, or displacement.  Tiger Creek offers a large, natural setting to help save tigers and other large cats, and is open to the public for educational opportunities benefitting people of every age and walk of life.

Finally, while you’re here, don’t forget to stop and visit our booth at Southwest Process Controls.  We will be exhibiting with Hylok USA and available to provide information about all of our fluid system control products.  We specialize in products for the oil and gas industry, and have some of the highest quality instruments available in the industry.  Join us at the Roseland Texas Showdown for what will truly be an oil show like no other.

The Importance of JIT Delivery

Southwest Process Controls prides itself on being able to meet customers’ needs with just in time (JIT) delivery. Our adherence to JIT principles gives us the flexibility to fulfill even the most demanding production schedules without sacrificing quality or service. The strategy allows us to save money, streamline our operations, and reduce waste. Many of these benefits are passed down to the customer. JIT is a strategy closely associated with the general trend in manufacturing towards lean enterprise.

JIT is essentially an “inventory strategy” in which companies receive goods on an as-needed basis. Typically, the process begins when a customer places an order. The purpose of this strategy is to minimize the waste that accompanies production, identified as the “seven wastes” in the Toyota Production System. They include overproduction, waiting, transportation, inappropriate processing, excessive inventory, unnecessary motion and defects. By minimizing these unproductive practices, manufacturers and suppliers who rely on JIT can maximize value for both the company and the customer.

Customers benefit in many ways from companies who use JIT strategies. For example, they may pay less for the same quality products than they would elsewhere, because the company can afford to lower prices for its products. In addition, customers must often wait longer for deliveries from manufacturers and suppliers that have not streamlined their operations with JIT practices. Delays due to transportation issues and elaborate processing can also add to the time that the customer spends simply waiting for their products.

As a supplier, the adoption of JIT practices helps us too. JIT strategies allow companies to forego the need to stock up on large quantities of inventory, running the risk of having inventory age and expire before it is sold. With less stock, moreover, manufacturers spend fewer resources on storage space and unnecessary motion to transport products to and from one process to another. JIT promotes a flexible approach to manufacturing that facilitates efficiency, which can have the benefit of shorter production times. This enables JIT companies to meet urgent deadlines on demand.

At Southwest Process Controls, we set ourselves apart by our attention to quality, customer service and timeliness. We follow JIT production strategies to help us achieve these goals while maintaining cost-effective operations. That’s why our customers trust us as their only supplier for fittings, valves, gauges and more. Please contact us today to learn what we can do for you!