2014 Offshore Technology Conference

Southwest Process Controls recently attended the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference, an event that brought over 100,000 people together to discuss groundbreaking innovations in offshore resources in drilling, exploration and production. This year’s conference was held in Houston, Texas and boasted the highest attendance rate in the history of the show.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for industry members to meet and discuss topics related to this year’s spotlight on New Technology. The schedule included a discussion on geo-ethics, the UK continental shelf and the latest offshore policy developments. The conference speakers were comprised of experienced industry experts, such as BP America CEO John Mingé and Shell VP Bill Henry, among others.

In keeping with its focus on new technology, OTC also distributed a dozen awards for innovative products in offshore exploration and production. Among the list of groundbreaking and innovative equipment were the ISOL-8 Pump from FMC Technologies and Zenith GFI™ Ground Fault Immune ESP Monitoring System from GE Oil & Gas. These award-winning products represent the future in offshore technology, with significant benefits and broad industry appeal.

At Southwest Process Controls, we are proud to have been a part of this successful annual event. As active members of the field, we are committed to supporting the industry’s continual growth and progress. We are also looking forward to keeping up with future developments at the South Texas Oilfield Expo and Permian Basin International Oil Show later this year.