Anti-seize Compounds, Lubricants, Sealants

Our customers demand optimal performance at the lowest prices for fluid system handling and control products. At Southwest Process Controls, we offer an array of anti-seize compounds, lubricants, and sealants designed for industrial grade performance. With over 20 different product lines, we sell pipe thread sealants, PTFE tapes, PTFE joint sealants, RTV silicone, and a large assortment of thread lockers. From gasketing, sealing, and caulking to greases, cleaners, and protectants, we act as a single source supplier for our customer’s commercial or industrial applications. Our anti-seize compounds are sold in a variety of material grades including nickel, copper, zinc, aluminum, graphite, silver, and food grade compositions. We also carry plumbing specialty compounds, including expanding foam sealants, PTFE valve stem tapes, and pipe or gasket lubricants. From power generation to chemical processing, we can supply any industry with the appropriate compounds, sealants, and lubricants to suit their industrial performance requirements.

Antiseize Compounds
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