Ogontz Ambient Sensing Valves

Ogontz Ambient Sensing Valves promote efficiency by eliminating media waste through ambient temperature response.
Ogontz Ambient Sensing Control Valves automatically control media flow in response to ambient temperature. Southwest Process Control carries the following three ambient sensing valves:

TL Control Valve

Ogontz TL Valves control steam consumption by automatically responding to changes in ambient temperature. This makes the TL Valve ideal for any application where monitoring of air temperature is needed.


  • Protecting temperature sensitive instrumentation
  • Winterizing product lines
  • Conserving energy in unit heaters
  • Applications requiring control of heat transfer media

Surface Temperature Sensing Control Valve

Southwestern Process Control carries two types of Ogontz ST Surface Temperature Sensing Valves to regulate changes in steam flow by responding to fluid temperature changes. The ST valve is mechanically attached to process pipe or tank wall without penetrating the wall, while the STE valve has an actuator extension of up to 72 inches if penetration of a tank wall is required.

Instrument Enclosure Valve

An IEV has the ability to maintain a consistent temperature within +/-3*F of its control point and automatically regulate steam flow accordingly. This level of control prevents any danger of overheating or freezing making explosion-proof houses and other traditional precautions unnecessary.

Ambient Valve
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